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19-Aug-2017 12:23

Still in the early episodes and I'm not liking this so far. I will miss you guys so much, thank you for bringing us the most lovely drama in the century! im sure is gonna be good : D Hehehe - I'm just getting even more excited reading the comments and knowing that there are people out there who feel what I feel when it comes to this drama! but i doubt anything can surpass OMG in my books of best 2015 dramas. i hope he has a scene together with kang ki young, for old times sakes. So although he choose the real Na bong su i think he settled for the tangible person but his real feelings are for the ghost. I knew this would happen...) now it's time to solve the crimes of officer Choi. I'm smelling a happy ending for everyone, Bong Sun and Chef... The contract between the ghost and Bong Sun is she is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with her in a right way, don't you think she did the right thing? and chef originally liked bong sun's personality, remember that he's a fan of bong sun's cooking blog.

I'm sure this will suffer the same fate of 49th Day. (lol I know it's a bit exaggerate, but I can't help it I love this drama so damn much). It's just amazing - I'm so glad I took a chance on this drama! Even though I've watched up until episode 14 - Park Bo-Young is just so great an actress you actually think she's Soon-Ae. Na Bong-Sun should end up with Seo Joon (Hot chef #2 - Corbin I think was his nickname?? I mean lets face the facts most of his special moments are with the ghost. and of course, Soon Ae will soon be happy in heaven too :) Love this drama, it's been awhile since i followed a drama like this. although it's just a blog, but at least they have that going for them right?

anyway, it's all good, it turns out the rest just a stretch and nothing to worry about.. Chef only acting cool all the time but most of the hard working is the female lead... A really heart warming drama from the start to the very end. Officer Choi, threw someone on the river again and it makes him cry while driving. Fellow lovers of Oh My Ghost, anyone know anything about the instrumental music played at the ending scene of ep 10?? Hoping to know where i can find that music pretty plssssss!

for the drama, i love k-movies but dont watch the drama very often, it surely has alot of "what are the odds" or "it doesnt make any sense" or "deus ex machina" moments, well i guess it's pretty common in dramas to satisfy general audiences wants and it doesnt bother me that much.. those actors and actresses perform very well, the main cast chemistry is decent but not as good as, let say jun ji hyun and kim soo hyun in man from the star.. she'll be in a new movie with cha tae hyun too, right? I am new fan of her..knew her from this serries but totally in with her acting...awesome..kiss also very real... the things is the development of the character are nice until suddenly kang sunwoo said he likes the real na bong sun instead of the possesed na bong sun a.k.a shin soon ae. Congrats Oh My Ghost for the best ever storyline, cast! I agree with @Go PBY this drama brought the audience to feel all the emotions in one point and I think it is all about affection. @cutepie i think so cuz after this scene he cries in the car I dont think he would cry for Bong Sun i sense a happy ending, rooting for it! @Leo Chef already have a girlfriend Singer Gummy and they are dating for two years. She did not help Bong Sun actually, she makes Bong Sun stupid in front of everybody and now somebody is trying to kill Bong SUn.

I want to give my deep respect for Jo Jungsuk Park Boyoung couple. I thought they were really really "a real" couple in real life before I found out that Jo Jungsuk was actually dating Gummy. All is wrapped in OMG i'm in episode 11 and i wonder who's the female lead is she bong sun or the spirit of soon ae ..don't see na bong sun in the whole episode just for few minutes!!! If only jo jung suk is not in a relationship with gummy I ship him with PBY! And my favorite OST for this drama is Stay by ben.. im currently up to episode 5 and loving it so far EXCEPT for one thing i hate it whenever the ghosts come out I GET A FREAKING HEART ATTACK ESPECIALLY WITH THE ONE IN EPISODE 5 WHEN SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL T_____T yes im a huge coward :-( Finished it. It was a decent drama but suffered the rushed development of Bong Sun's character and the forced pairing of Bong Sun x Sun Woo.

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this drama is definitely one of the favourite all time drama. I hope there will be anoter drama for CJS AND PBY finished it in 2 days for i couldnt stop watching it..of the best...great drama...great acting...superb chemistry...saranghae chef i love your being innocent-virgin effect in a relationship lol..job for all the cast... I love the actress Park Bo Young and I came here after watching Running Man where she was a guest. But what happened to officer choi is not clear yet. Then is choi had amnesia because he had come back to the real choi or because his head hit the ground? But why is it really a must for every leads in a drama to be separated and reunited at the last episode?! Can anyone tell me what are the songs played other than the OSTs? kwak si yang is bae YUHTHA well, i think he's more into the timid one tho. But I like how Park Boyoung could deliver both character so well.Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef.

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