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Cuthbert." He warned them to guard the secret carefully.It is of interest also to mention the probability that in the journeyings of the monks who were carrying St.Towards the end of the year 1022, Elfrid Westoe, a monk of Durham, made it a practice to visit frequently Bede's tomb in the monastery at Jarrow, until one morning he returned to Durham shunning observation.

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Bede's may be filled with a proper pride in the men and women of eighty years ago, who worked so zealously and with so much success for the restoration of the Catholic Church in this district. They stood on a slight eminence above the clear waters of the River Don, where, in winter, were moored the ships which sought refuge from the storms in the open sea.In the nineteenth year of my age, I received deacon's orders; in the thirtieth, those of the priesthood, both of them by the ministry of the most reverend Bishop John, and by the order of Abbott Ceolfrid.From which time, till the fifty-ninth year of my age, I have made it my business, for the use of me and mine, to compile out the works of the Venerable Fathers and to interpret and explain them according to their meaning." Not only did he offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and perform the daily tasks which fell to the monks in common such as "threshing and winnowing, milking the cows and working in the bakehouse, garden and kitchen," but he was a prodigious worker as well as a proficient teacher.It is a story of noble effort for God, of self-sacrifice, of suffering borne with fortitude and of other qualities of head and heart displayed by those who have passed away, and whose book of life here has been closed. Paul's there came to the monastery, Bede, then a child of seven.

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The recital of the qualities of men and women of the past must become an inspiration to those of the newer generation and cannot fail to be a source of encouragement to them. He was born, as he himself tells us "in the territory of that same monastery" and was sent there to be educated by Abbott Ceolfrid.

Their achievements will live when we have "folded our tents," and they may help to quicken enthusiasm, so that those who follow may preserve and pass on undimmed, the light of Holy Faith. Further on, to the east of the monastery, the Don emptied itself into the River Tyne by means of a broad estuary in extensive marshlands - now Jarrow Slake "called by Roger Hoveden the 'haven of Ecgfrid' as it sheltered his fleet, and later, no doubt, was the winter anchorage of the Danes." To the south lay the extensive Hedworth Woods, whence was obtained most of the timber used for the erection and heating of the ecclesiastical buildings.

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