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For applicants with a BMI 31.9, the applicant must have BOTH clearance from their personal health care provider as well as the jamboree medical staff.

The jamboree medical staff will have the final authority to approve full jamboree participation.

The BMI is a governmental calculation based on nationwide statistics that take into account variables that include geography, age, and sex.

The simple online calculator to determine your BMI can be found at gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/.

The national jamboree will accept for participation applicants that are recommended for participation by their healthcare practitioner and have a BMI of 31.9 or less.

The Jamboree Medical Staff will review all applicants with a BMI of 32.0–39.9 and consider jamboree participation based on 1) health history, 2) submitted health data, and 3) recommendation of the applicant’s personal health care provider.

The national jamboree at The Summit has some high-adventure elements but is not a 24/7 high-adventure experience, so we have established our criteria accordingly.

TOBACCO The current Guide to Safe Scouting states: “Adult leaders should support the attitude that they, as well as youths, are better off without tobacco in any form and may not allow the use of tobacco products at any BSA activity involving youth participants.Applicants with one or more of the following risk factors may be requested to provide further documentation, including cardiac testing, pulmonary testing, or further information from their physician* to ensure the applicant’s ability to participate.*Jamboree Medical Services will provide specific instructions to the practitioner to determine eligibility.Our goal is to prevent any serious health-related event from occurring, and ensuring that all of our participants and staff are “physically strong.” The Centers for Disease Control is the national body that monitors our overall health as a country, and it makes recommendations to help us stay or become healthy.

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The CDC suggests using a body mass index as a screening tool for obesity; it is easy and only requires knowing your height and weight.

All refund requests received before Back to Top PHYSICAL FITNESS The national jamboree is a physically demanding experience.