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After his apprenticeship as a clockmaker he had been working for the company Tobias Bäuerle in St. But the meanwhile 40 years old man finally wanted to be his own master.

Thus, he took the chance to found his own company in Mönchweiler near St. There, he built technical drives and timers which were mainly needed for gas lamps to light the street these days.

Not one single movement left the company without being inspected by himself.

The reliability and quality of the products led to a fast growing demand.

In January of 1913, Kieninger employed 18 workers, already.

Benefiting from waiting Soon however, the premises in Mönchweiler became too small. Thus, in the middle of the First World War, Joseph Kieninger decided to go to Prague in order to look for new premises.

The unhurried ticking of a clock creates a homelike atmosphere that makes us relax and enjoy time again.

But maybe we gain time by pausing for a moment and withdrawing from the time pressure of the presence.

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What gave them orientation was the course of nature, the changing of the seasons and the position of the sun.