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But he said his country would need to be cautious over the matter.Mr Assange is at the country’s London embassy, where he is seeking diplomatic asylum to prevent him being sent to Sweden to answer accusations of rape and assault, which he denies.On Wednesday, Ecuador – whose president has previously clashed with Washington and is a fan of Wikileaks – said it would consult the UK, Sweden and the US before deciding on Mr Assange’s asylum request.

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15 year 6 (June) = 21 = his personal month (from June 6th, 2012 to July 5th, 2012) = Seeing the big picture. Mr Assange is at the country’s embassy in London, where he is seeking asylum to prevent him being sent to Sweden to answer accusations of assault.

A further £40,000 put up as sureties are thought to have been provided by socialite Jemima Khan and film director Ken Loach, who each offered £20,000.

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Lawyers say bail would be forfeited only if Mr Assange failed to turn up for a scheduled court appearance.

Ecuador’s government has said it will make a decision on Mr Assange shortly.

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