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Frick had engaged a similar stratagem when orchestrating the ouster of the man who had saved his life, John George Alexander Leishman, from the presidency of Carnegie Steel a decade beforehand. In addition to paintings, it also contains an exhibition of carpets, porcelain, sculptures, and period furniture.

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By 1905, Henry Clay Frick's business, social, and artistic interests had shifted from Pittsburgh to New York.

Despite the contributions Frick had made towards Andrew Carnegie's fortune, Carnegie disregarded him in many executive decisions including finances. Ten men were killed, nine of them workers, and there were seventy injuries.

At the suggestion of his friend Benjamin Ruff, Frick helped to found the exclusive South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club high above Johnstown, Pennsylvania. During the confrontation Frick issued an ultimatum to Homestead workers, which restated his refusal to speak with union representatives and threatened to have striking workers evicted from their homes.

The sixty-odd club members were the leading business tycoons of Western Pennsylvania, and included among their number Frick’s best friend, Andrew Mellon, his attorneys Philander Knox and James Hay Reed, as well as Frick's occasional business partner Andrew Carnegie.

Because of this strike, people like Alan Petrucelli had thought that he is depicted as the "rich man" in Maxo Vanka's murals in St. Less than 20 miles (32 km) downstream from the dam sat the city of Johnstown.

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In 1994, Perry was reelected Agriculture Commissioner by a large margin, getting 2,546,287 votes (62 percent) to Democrat Marvin Gregory's 1,479,692 (36 percent). Garland received the remaining 85,836 votes (2 percent).… continue reading »

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Her father was Hans Hansen or Jansen (Hans Hansen Van Nordstrand). 16 on Nordstrand Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark (now Germany), and migrated to New Amsterdam in 1639.… continue reading »

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