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08-Dec-2017 06:30

There is no more popular figure in studio film that an outsider brought safely to the inside. In was to mis read the racial colonial sub text of Chigurh. The petit bourgois sensibility of the Coens unconsciously reacted by attempting to simplfy the implicit critique of Mc Carthy’s novel.If I were to, almost randomly, pick a variety of products, films and TV and fiction, I could point to that same reality found in Milton. The pathology of gunfighter figurs, Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp, is neutralized, usually by casting, in studio product.How do films that cost fifteen million dollars get made? I found them run by the same morons who run any division at a studio. Same gold rolexs, same myopic world view, same marketing concerns and same lack of literacy.I found in many ways the same issues were in play if you were making a five million or an eight million dollar film, that were in play for a half million dollar web-isode.

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The figure of the exile, which I touched on with Adorno in the previous post, looms large in the 20th century unconscious.